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Advanced Technology

“With a Commitment to Providing Total Healthcare, BSM Seeks to Deliver the Best Care with Advanced Technologies at an Affordable Price”

At BSM, we are equipped with the advanced technologies for treatments and medications rapidly replacing many things that are done manually. These advancements have not only provided positive experiences for our patients and their families, but have also influenced most of our medical processes and healthcare professionals’ practices. Our latest technologies like Ultrasound & Doppler scans, endoscopic & laparoscopic surgeries, modular operation theatres, and neonatal intensive care unit allow doctors to diagnose illnesses with highest accuracy. Our nurses and technicians can input vital signs, weight, test results and other patient data into a central, digital system, in addition to actual digitalization of basic patient details. This allows for patient data to be changed and updated easily as time progresses.  

Our Modular Operating theatres are humidity & Temperature controlled, equipped with latest technology to provide a safe sterile environment required for surgery.

All emergency trauma care, surgery, pediatric, orthopedic procedures are scheduled in the operation theatres, equipped with cutting edge equipment meeting up to international standards in terms of safety and accuracy.

Computer navigation is utilized in complex joint replacements that allows the surgeons to obtain real-time feedback and offers the potential to decrease errors and optimize the surgical result.

Using their unmatched expertise and knowledge, the emergency care units at BSM Hospital have doctors who specialize in trauma care who provide cutting edge treatment for all kinds of medical emergencies.

Our state-of-the-art technology makes a lifesaving difference for many.

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