Nephrologist at BSM Hospital are specialized in treating diseases of the kidney, and are also very knowledgeable about how kidney disease or dysfunction can affect other parts of the body. Although primary care doctors and general physicians work to help prevent and treat early stages of kidney disease, helps diagnose and treat more severe or complex kidney conditions. We also treat nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, sleep problems, and changes in the amount people generally urinate. With regular testing, we monitor kidney function, particularly if patients are at risk for any type of kidney disease.


M.D., DNB (Nephro)

Dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and treatments.

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Our Doctors are highly-experienced in treating people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, a family history of kidney problems, etc.

Our testings detect signs of decreasing kidney function, such as a decreasing GFR value or an increase in the level of albumin.

For test results which indicate rapid or continuing deterioration of kidney function, we diagnose and treat further with necessary treatments.

Our doctors advise people to follow a healthy eating plan for diabetes or working with a registered dietitian

We encourage them with more of physical activity each day, finding ways to cope with stress, that leads to high blood pressure

We give medical advice and suggestions and also treat advanced chronic kidney disease and recurring kidney stones.

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