Our Hospital is concerned with diagnosing and treating conditions which affect the digestive tract. Depending upon the nature of the impairment, most treatments for gastroenterological problems will either be through surgery or through medication. Dr. Mohammed Niyamathullah., M.S., M.Ch (SGE), FALS, diagnose and treat several different conditions that affect the stomach, intestines and digestive system, giving them the best of treatments. Our treatments include conditions of specific organs within the system, and to secondary illnesses that indirectly affect digestion and the absorption of nutrients.


Dr. Mohammed Niyamathullah

M.S., M.Ch (SGE), FALS,

Committed to exemplary patient outcomes and advanced medical procedures.

We Serve the Best

Our doctors are experts in their field and have up-to-date knowledge on medications, procedures and technology.

Procedures for diagnosis and testing may include invasive techniques and surgery, but greatly relies upon imaging in order to determine the cause of the issue.

Treatments for removal of disease tissue, appendicitis, the removal of sections of the intestines, internal stitching – in some cases, prolapsed contributing to poor gastric function are undertaken.

We are also specialized in dealing with surgeries to reattach prolapsed organs or parts of the intestine in order to promote proper physiological actions.

Patients dealing with illness in intestinal issues are often given constant care, until they get stabilized with health and wellbeing.

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