Cardiologists at BSM Hospital, are experts who care for heart and blood vessels. At our specialty, we treat or help people prevent a number of cardiovascular problems, and we specialize in specific areas of abnormal heart   rhythms. Our healthcare professional, Dr. G. Ramanujam., M.D., Cardiologist & Diabetician, treats chest pain, high blood pressure and heart failure, as well as problems with heart valves, blood vessels and other heart and vascular issues.


M.D., Cardiologist & Diabetician

Specialized in the fields of general, cardiology, and diabetes, providing exceptional care.

ECHO (Echocardiography)

We have a high quality 2D ECHO machine and provide an ECHO report along with an expert cardiologist opinion.

An ECG is mandatory before an ECHO and hence patients are requested to arrive 15 minutes earlier for your ECHO appointment to allow time for taking an ECG as well.

We Serve the Best

We diagnose echocardiograms tests, and advise people to start healthier exercise and eating habits or do cardiac catheterization.

Our Cardiologist examines with a physical exam and discusses symptoms, medical history and family history with patients.

We also investigate if other people in the family have had heart problems because that can increase the chances of you having a heart problem.

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